Video: Ladi Brown goes off-Leeds Carnegie vs Manchester Magic -

Video: Ladi Brown goes off-Leeds Carnegie vs Manchester Magic

Seen Ladi Brown play more than a few times now and know that he is a real competitor. On that note, check this video that cropped up on Youtube from this weekend in the National Trophy game featuring Ladi Brown’s Leeds Carnegie and Manchester Magic. Ladi Brown takes matters into his own hands, with a block, a dunk, a steal, another dunk and then one more and1 dunk for good measure all in 37 seconds! Very nice clip. Of Ladi Brown, the full Leeds Carnegie vs Manchester Magic match report states

“Carnegie, however, made one last push for victory, led by their athletic small forward Ladi Brown who had a team high 22 points and 5 rebounds. He worked tirelessly to try and drag his team back into contention and they managed to reduce the Magic lead to only 7 points with 3:30 left to play in the game.

Brown had three dunks and two steals as he scored six points in a chaotic 37 seconds for the Magic as they were guilty of some sloppy ball handling and committed three turnovers in quick succession.”

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