Video: Midnight Madness 2009 Portsmouth Qualifier -

Video: Midnight Madness 2009 Portsmouth Qualifier

Finally, the first of the Midnight Madness qualifier videos you guys have been waiting for. Kicking it off with the first event of the tour, at the Mountbatten Leisure Centre in Portsmouth on the 18th July ’09. This was arguably the best overrall standard of any of the runs, a lotta London players laced their sneakers up and made the trek to avoid the would-be jam that was going to take over the Brixton (South London) and Leyton (East London) runs. Plenty of highlights-shout outs to Dominic Baker who was gunning (check the vid), Tayo Ogdengbe (who did nothing wrong and qualified easily), Leon Bennett-Harris (who showed why he is arguably the best under-18 in the country) and the Lithuanians (led by Karolis and Mantas) who bought some hard nosed ball to Portsmouth. Midnight Madness 2009 started with a bang!

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