Get to Know: Carys Roy ('05-Born) -

Get to Know: Carys Roy (’05-Born)

Our ‘Get to Know’ player profile series continues during the 2021-22 season as we take a look at some of the junior talent around the UK.

Next up is emerging Welsh forward Carys Roy, who alongside teammate Issy Bunyan has growing experience of playing in the WBBL as well as continuing to develop in WNBL D1 with Cardiff Met Archers.

Carys Roy

Year born: 2005
Class: 2023
Hometown: Cowbridge, South Wales
Position: Forward/centre
Current club: Cardiff Met Archers

Describe your game/style of play:

CR: I like playing inside the paint but I think this season  I’ve become quite a versatile player. I’ve been working on my shooting and my game outside the paint so I can become more of a threat by gaining a larger skill set.

When did you know you wanted to be a basketball player?

CR: I started playing when I joined secondary school and I knew straight away that I wanted to join a club. I hope I can keep playing for as long as possible, alongside my education through university and then a career.

Favourite basketball moment/memory?

CR: My favourite memory would probably be playing my first WBBL game last season, as well as being named in the GBu16 long squad in 2020, this really motivated me to work hard on my game.

Who is your favourite basketball player? And why?

CR: A player who’s game I love to watch is Nikola Jokic , the way he reads the game and passes the ball is amazing and something I admire. British Basketball is growing so much and there are so many players within the WBBL that young players can look up to.

Biggest lesson learned in basketball:

CR: The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is that in order to keep improving my game  I need to challenge myself and go out of my comfort zone.

The benefits of playing between WBBL and WNBL D1 levels?

CR: It’s great being able to play and gain experience in both leagues, WBBL has been a step up, the pace and physicality is challenging but I can feel the improvement when I play in D1.

Goals for 2022:

CR: My main goal for 2022 would be getting the chance to represent GB in the summer. I would also like to get to playoffs with archers in d1 and WBBL especially after missing out last year.

Predict a player to have a breakout season/one to watch:

CR: Issy Bunyan is definitely a player to watch this year, she’s already shown her talent so far this season.


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