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Will Saunders Joins Caceres in LEB Gold

Will Saunders is stepping up a division in Spain after joining LEB Gold side Caceres after an impressive spell in LEB Silver.

The GB forward averaged 17.4 points per game in 24 appearances for Cambados along with 8.2 rebounds and over 50 3-pointer made.

Saunders joins a number of fellow Brits in LEB Gold with Tarik Phillip recently joining Clavijo, while Ashley Hamilton is at Manresa, Rowell Graham plays for Valladolid, Jesse Chuku is plying his trade with Coruna and Ben Mockford represents Palma.

Caceres have an 11-15 record as they currently sit outside of the playoff places with eight games still to play in the regular season.

Saunders has been part of the GB Senior squad in both international windows in their World Cup Qualifiers so far.

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