Transforming Basketball in England - With Stewart Kellett - Ep. 28 -

Transforming Basketball in England – With Stewart Kellett – Ep. 28

It’s been a long time coming, but for episode 28 of the Hoopsfix Podcast we sat down with Basketball England CEO, Stewart Kellett.

Kellett has been in the position for a little over a year now, but we’ve heard very little from him in terms of what is going on behind the scenes and how he is approaching the behemoth that is trying to transform basketball in England.

In what is his first public facing longer form interview since being in the role, we dived right in to get an insight into his background, how he is approaching trying to change the game long term and what has been going on over the past 12 months or so.

We barely scraped the surface on a number of topics I would have liked to get into, but we’ve agreed that if this episode stimulates interest/conversation he will happily sit down for a part 2 (so if you find it interesting, please do share and give feedback either below in the comments or on social 😊).

In this hour (ish) episode of the pod, hear from Stewart on:

  • His background previous to taking on the position at the National Governing Body
  • Why he wanted to take on the job of CEO at Basketball England despite not searching for a new role
  • The questions he asked himself when examining the sport as an outsider
  • Why he has been so quiet and internally focused in his first 12 months in the position
  • His aspirations for the sport
  • The lessons the NGB has learned from their Future of Basketball Survey and focus groups
  • How to change the culture around basketball in England
  • The importance of changing the messaging used around the sport
  • Using a campaign approach to raise awareness of the game
  • The lack of a defined performance pathway and why it is so important to break down all the ages and stages
  • The Basketball Development Model and turning it from research and consultation into delivery
  • Why there needs to be clear standards across the entire basketball spectrum
  • Ensuring people’s first experiences with basketball are a good one
  • Why he believe the National Team programme needs to include the club coaches on the ground dealing with the players every week, not just the staff having the contact time at training camps
  • Sport science and sport medicine’s role in helping basketball to succeed at world level
  • Using a data driven approach to make decisions around the future of the sport
  • Being able to influence the game as the NGB and how it should be approached
  • Sport England’s recent funding announcement and what it means for the NGB
  • And much, much more!

As always, I’d love to get your feedback, come back after you’ve listened and lets get some discussion going in the comments.

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