Caleb Fuller Ready to Prove Worth in Ipswich -

Caleb Fuller Ready to Prove Worth in Ipswich

Ipswich and Copleston’s Caleb Fuller is looking to prove his worth this season as he explores his options for next summer and bounce back from his omission from the England Under-18 squad this summer.

Early in the season, the 6’5″ versatile guard is averaging 22.5 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists per game in the EABL, with his NBL Division 2 Senior Men numbers not being far behind at 20.2 points, 5.6 rebounds and 2.8 assists (via Dave Owen Basketball); more than solid for the fast rising 17 year old.

“I’m hoping in this next year to get my name out there and put myself on the map for college coaches,” Fuller told Hoopsfix.

“As far as what college I wish to attend it will be a matter of sitting down with my coaches Nick Drane and Tom Sadler here at Ipswich Basketball Club and decide what will be the best fit for me.

“Whether it be attending college in the Class of 2017, staying another year at IBA (Ipswich Basketball Academy) to develop my skills or looking to head to a preparatory school in the US to help bridge the gap.”

Fuller has focused on developing his skill set in recent years, to be able to play both inside and out.

“I would describe my game as versatile. Due to my height at my position I have always been a decent post player but over this past year I have been working hard with my coaches in individuals and have been able to develop my guard skills to become what I believe as one of the best guards my age in the country.

“At the moment I’ve been trying to extend my range and turn from a good shooter to an elite shooter. The game is getting to a point where being able to shoot the three is becoming more prominent so me and my coaches understand that for me to be effective at the next level I need to be able to knock it down consistently.”



Growing up in Suffolk, Fuller has played for Ipswich Basketball Club his entire career, first picking up a ball aged 10 through his older brother, before being spotted by Ipswich Head Coach Nick Drane at one of the club’s primary school sessions and joining the side’s Under-13s team.

His progression from there has been steady, culminating in representing the England Under-16s at the European Championships in 2016.

“Representing my country is a huge privilege and an important part of the pathway to the next level of play in basketball,” Fuller reflected.

“Playing for my country has allowed me to compete against and compare myself to some of the best players my age in Europe and I feel like if I want to achieve my goals in the future these are the types of players I need to be competing with. Not to mention the pride that comes with playing the sport I love for my country.”

The National Team experience did wonders for Fuller’s confidence and development, resulting in a call up to the Ipswich Senior Division 2 team at 16 last year, something he regards as his “proudest basketball achievement to date”.

“Our head coach Nick Drane had put a lot of faith in me that season and pulled me from the junior programme to play with the men as my primary team,” he enthused.

“At the start of the season I wasn’t breaking into the rotation but after a few injuries and a spell of bad play I was given a chance and I took it, I finished off the season as a starter and a key part of the team.”

caleb-fuller-hoopsfix-all-star-classic-2016However, despite making progress domestically in the 2015-16 season, success wasn’t to be internationally. This summer Fuller was unable to make the final cut of the England Under-18s squad, being jettisoned in and out of the team before being released prior to their final prep camp.

“This year it was tough for me to not be selected into the national team, I had been cut early on for not displaying my skills. I had acted on this feedback and throughout the season worked on what qualities I could bring to the team and made them prominent.”

Following the Hoopsfix All Star Classic, where Caleb Fuller top scored with 19 points in the Under-17 game, Fuller received an invite to return to the England Under-18 programme after Head Coach Steve Bucknall, who was coaching in the game, noted his progress.

“I was invited back to the national team where I attend a regional based camp in Lewisham and impressed head coach Steve Bucknall. However, due to being out of the country at the time of the major preparation training camp before the Europeans I was dropped from the team.”

He lists his goals this season as reaching the Final Four with Copleston in the EABL, and winning a championship with Ipswich in Division 2, both of which he believes to be achievable at his hometown club.

“Ipswich basketball Club has shaped the player that I am today,” he said. “The club is more like a family than a club, the support we as players receive both on and off the court is amazing.

“I don’t think people quite realise how small a town Ipswich is, so the fact that we are one of the most consistent and high level clubs and academies, for boys and girls, and the fact that so many good players come out of here is a great advert for the standard and work done by the coaches we have.”

His longtime Coach Nick Drane has no doubt that Fuller will achieve his dreams.

“Caleb is a young man I am incredibly proud of, both as a player and as a person,” he said. “I have worked with him since he was ten years old and he has been a joy to have in the programme.

“On the court, I think he has all the physical and mental tools to be a top level player and away from the court he is a first class student and role model for other players.”

Ipswich Basketball Academy are holding an open day on Tuesday 29th November – register your interest here.

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