Moses Byekwaso ('97) Finishes Number 1 at Deng Camp Top 50 2015! -

Moses Byekwaso (’97) Finishes Number 1 at Deng Camp Top 50 2015!

Take a look at what went down at the 2015 Deng Camp Top 50, featuring some of the top 50 junior players in the country, where Moses Byekwaso ended up as the number 1 ranked player!

The 1997 born Moses proved to be the underdog story of the year as he went from being a reserve on the initial list to coming out on top. The 6’2″ athletic guard averaged 19.7 points per game off of 49% shooting including 44% from 3-point range to go along with 4.3 rebounds and 1.2 assists per game in 26 minutes per game over the 3 days.

We spoke with Camp Director Steve Vear, Blair Academy coach Joe Mantegna (Luol’s High School coach), Luol’s trainer Jacob Ross from EFT Sports Performance in Chicago, as well as the top 3 ranked players; Moses, Ola Ayodele and RJ Eytle-Rock.

The final top 20 rankings out of the camp were;

1) Moses Byekwaso
2) Ola Ayodele
3) RJ Eytle-Rock
4) Alex Roberts
5) Melkisedek Moreaux
6) Shaquille Walters
7) Luke Mitchell
8) Dan Akin
9) Kyle Carey
10) Kemar Hawes
11) Charles Yassi-Pepin
12) Andre Arissol
13) Selby Hind-Wills
14) Thai Segwai-Lodge
15) James Lloyd
16) Zion Tordoff
17) Mosi Tyrrell
18) Jacob Round
19) Caleb Fuller
20) Obi Agu

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