Deng Camp Top 50 All-Star Game 2015 Highlights! -

Deng Camp Top 50 All-Star Game 2015 Highlights!

Check out all the best highlights from the 2015 Deng Camp Top 50 All Star Game, which was the culmination of the 3 day camp at Crystal Palace.

The final top 20 ranked players made the exhibition, which was led by number 1 ranked Moses Byekwaso. Rounding out the top five were Ola Ayodele in second, RJ Eytle-Rock (3rd), Alex Roberts (4th) and Melkisedek Moreaux at five.

Charles Yassi-Pepin was the All-Star game’s leading scorer, finishing with 20 points to lead the Red team to an OT win over the Green squad.

Also to feature in the video: Charles Yassi-Pepin, Kyle Carey, Kemar Hawes, Thai Segwai-Lodge, Dan Akin, James Lloyd, Jacob Round, Luke Mitchell, Shaquille Walters, Obi Agu, Andre Arissol, Selby Hind-Wills, and Zion Tordoff.

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