Second Annual Deng Camp Top 50 List Revealed -

Second Annual Deng Camp Top 50 List Revealed

The Deng Top 50 Camp returns next month for its second year with a change in format, focusing on younger players and the addition of a 3 on 3 element, with the aim to provide more exposure and opportunities.

The invite only camp, run by the Luol Deng Foundation, will take place from 19-22 August at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.

Where as last year it was for players Under-19, this year it is for players classified as Class of 2016 or younger with a maximum age of 18. Other eligibility criteria included them not being able to be playing in the USA (or have existing scholarship offers) and being a British passport holder if not being based in the UK.

“At DENG Camp we aim to improve what we deliver year on year and this summer is no different,” Camp Director and CEO of the Luol Deng Foundation, Steve Vear, said.

“We have changed the age group to coincide with the US college system to have players who are Class of 2016 or younger to fit in with their recruiting process. I’m in constant contact with US coaches where a lot of colleges are right now actively recruiting as young as Class of 2018 & 2019 so we must ensure that DENGTOP50 provides the right aged players with the appropriate platform to best help them in their career path.”

There will also be a 3v3 tournament added to this year’s camp, a suggestion put forward by Luol himself, having seen it in action at the Nike Top 100 camp when he was in high school

Ex-NBA player and Luol Deng’s high school teammate, Royal Ivey, will headline the coaching staff, along with Deng’s former coach, Joe Mantegna. The coaching team will be rounded out by a number of British based coaches; GB u20 assistants James Vear and Andreas Kapoulas, Reading’s Manuel Peña Garcés, Manchester’s Paul Middleton and Aurimas Verbukas, Kent’s Ivan Cuesta and Adam Davies, Lancashire Spinners and Myerscough’s Head Coach Neal Hopkins, Jordanas Mejeras from Baltic Stars and Nottingham’s Dave Greenaway.

“The coaching staff this year is simply incredible,” Vear continued.

“To be able to bring in an ex-NBA player in Royal Ivey who now coaches in the NBA D-League as well Luol’s High School Coach in Joe Mantegna in itself raises the bar. But to add International coaches from all over Europe and some of the best up and coming UK coaches, it really will make this year’s camp a complete game changer.”

The top 50 list, released last week, is headlined by a number of players who will be competing at the European Championships this summer, such as Carl Wheatle, Kyle Carey, and Nelson Boachie-Yiadom.

“The player talent is very high this year which is testament to the great work club and national team coaches are doing across the country all year round,” Vear added.

“This year we hope to have even more success stories of kids moving onto bigger and better things post camp to help play our part on providing a much needed exposure platform for the UK’s elite basketball players.”

Deng Camp Top 50 List

Amin Adamu
Obi Agu
Dan Akin
Hamad Ali
Michael Anumba
Andre Arissol
Ola Ayodele
Harvey Barr
Nelson Boachie-Yiadom
Kyle Carey
Kaiyem Cleary
Oliver Dykes
Josh Edwards
Max Edwards
RJ Eytle-Rock
Tim Fava
Josh Foulds
Caleb Fuller
Aidan Gastaldi-Davies
Riccardo Guddemi
Jonny Hall
Sedale Hanson-Young
Kemar Hawes
Selby Hind Wills
Solomon Iluyomade
Jacob Iwowo
Johnathan James
Paul Jeboda
Jonathan Joseph
Gedi Juozapaitis
Kayne King
Henri Langton
James Lloyd
Luke Mitchell
Melkisedek Moreaux
Alex Roberts
Jacob Round
Micah Savery-Richards
Dominic Scott-Robinson
Thai Segwai-Lodge
Zephi Sharman
Jake Sirrell
Javel Small
Hamadee Taousi
Evan Walshe
Shaquille Walters
Jelani Watson-Gayle
Jake Wesselingh
Carl Wheatle
Charles Yassi-Pepin

More information on the camp is available at the official website,

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