NBA Releases Inspirational John Amaechi Tribute 'Breaking Barriers' -

NBA Releases Inspirational John Amaechi Tribute ‘Breaking Barriers’

The NBA has released an inspiring tribute to British former NBA player John Amaechi, ‘Breaking Barriers’, chronicling his journey to the NBA along with his story of being the first former NBA player to come out publicly.

“Sometimes it distracts from what the story is,” Amaechi said, once again voicing his frustration that his sexuality is the story over his improbable basketball career.

“The day I picked up a basketball when I was 17 for the first time, six years from the day I picked up a ball, I was starting in the NBA. I don’t know, it seems difficult for me sometimes when people think the thing that is a part of who I am, that I’ve never had to work on is the story.

“But the idea that a fat kid from Stockport who liked eating pies and reading Asimov made it to the NBA is somehow, mmmm, ho hum.”

Amaechi, who became the first undrafted player to start in his first NBA game as the Cavaliers’ starting centre, had a five year NBA career, sandwiched around a stint in Europe, playing for Cleveland, Orlando, Utah and Houston.

The full feature is an inspiring piece which every UK basketball fan should watch – check it out.

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