Basketball England Respond to BBL License Review Controversy -

Basketball England Respond to BBL License Review Controversy

Basketball England have responded over the recent BBL license review controversy, stating they are not putting the license up for tender “at this moment in time”, but merely appointing a review committee to drive decisions moving forward about the professional league’s operating license.

There has been mass confusion since the governing body announced they will be reviewing the pro league’s operating license last week, with many believing the license was being taken from the BBL and being put up for open tender.

However, BE have clarified their position and in their statement said they have appointed a license review committee that will drive the decisions in the coming weeks.

The statement reads:

In response to queries posed to Basketball England and many debates on social media sites, Basketball England would like to clarify that it is not putting the BBL licence up for open tender at this moment in time. Equally Basketball England is not ‘taking the licence away from the BBL’ as suggested. This is not about looking back but about looking to the future to achieve more for the whole of Basketball as a sport

The licence to operate a professional league expires later this year, and it is prudent to review whether there are opportunities to take the sport to a higher level, after approaches by financially strong entities, whose investment proposition would benefit the elite teams, the professional league, the women’s game and the whole of our grass roots basketball market.

To achieve this a Licence Review Committee has been appointed, and its recommendations will drive decisions on awarding the licence to operate the professional league. Over the next few days, there will be a follow up announcement regarding the members of this committee.

Failing to review viable propositions would be negligent, and it is important the organisation look into opportunities which are less reliant on governmental funding.

The initial announcement has opened up a war of words with the BBL, who claim they were unaware the license was being reviewed until they saw the press release, and are now seeking legal advice.

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