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England Basketball & John Amaechi to Open Talks

England Basketball and John Amaechi are to begin repairing their fractured relationship following Amaechi’s extending of an olive branch prior to the NBA Game in Manchester this week.

Talking to Hoopsfix at the NBA Fan Zone on Tuesday, Amaechi said he would be open and willing to work with the National Governing Body, despite his continually critical comments in the press over the past few years.

However, with former CEO Keith Mair stepping down in August, and a new Executive Board in place, the organisation is in the process of reaching out to as many stakeholders as possible to help push the sport forward, including Amaechi, who they spoke to after Olkaholma City Thunder beat Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday night.

“2013 has very much been a year of reflection and re-planning for England Basketball, but we are now in a position to discuss our plans and gain input from influential basketball organisations and individuals,” said Ameesh Manek, one of EB’s Independent Board Directors who is helping stand in as CEO whilst they undertake the hiring process.

“Members of the EB Board are actively reaching out and meeting with a number of potential partners who have the best interests of the sport at heart and can make a valuable contribution in the finalisation and delivery of these plans.

“With this in mind, I approached John on Tuesday at the post NBA game event. In that conversation, I requested dialogue between John and members of the EB Board to discuss his views on basketball in England, exchange ideas on how to grow the sport and gain his input into our plans.

“John graciously accepted the invitation and I look forward to commencing that dialogue in the very near future.”

Despite things appearing quiet on the surface, behind the scenes England Basketball’s new executive board have been laying the foundations for a number of big changes in the coming months – including a new CEO and complete strategic review of the organisation.

They say they are now acutely aware of the issues that have been holding back the sport in recent times and will be doing their utmost to address the problems the entire community is all too aware of in the coming months and years.

There are three candidates from a range of backgrounds, but all with commercial experience, remaining for the new CEO position, with EB hoping to be able to make and announce the decision on who it will be by the end of November.

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