Myles Hesson Beasting in Germany with Weissenhorn Youngstars! -

Myles Hesson Beasting in Germany with Weissenhorn Youngstars!

Myles Hesson Weissenhorn Youngstars

Myles Hesson Weissenhorn YoungstarsHaving cemented himself as one of the top British players in the BBL over the past couple of seasons, and following an invite to GB Senior training camp in Houston, Myles Hesson was ready to spread his wings a little and test the waters in Europe.

Linking up with his former GB U20 coach Tim Lewis, Hesson signed with Weissenhorn Youngstars where he has led the team to remarkable turnaround. Spending the 2011-12 season at the bottom of the standings, this season the Bundesliga Pro B side are second in the South with a 10-6 record and have now won 7 of their last 10 games.

Hesson has averaged 24.2 points and 12.2 rebounds in five games played in 2013, including a Pro B career high game of 34 points and 19 rebounds against Dresden last week. Check out some season highlights of the athletic forward from Birmingham below!

  • O

    What’s the German standard like?

  • London2012

    That league is the level of the NBL in the UK, a semi-proleague with many part timers and young players.

  • myles

    Its a more professional league than the british basketball league, most teams have 2-3 americans, the standard is that of a mid table bbl team id say, like london lions surrey heat type level.

  • Charlie

    Germany is a far more professional basketball environment than any of the Leagues in the UK. The top teams in Pro B would be mid to high table teams in the BBL, playing with experienced and young Germans and two imports!! The NBL in England is like the regionalliga

  • dave f

    Its a reasonably fair assessment of talent level

    The top 4 or 5 teams in the BBL would compete well in Pro A (as a recruiter for the eagles I wouldnt be looking to sign an import from Pro B) and indeed last year we signed Paul Gause from a Pro A team and he went on to put up virtually identical numbers in the BBL as to what he managed in Pro A. Salaries in Pro A are also similar to the top clubs in the BBL so a Pro A guy is affordable and whilst there may be talented imports in Pro B its always a safer call to take the guy who has played in the higher league.

    The lower half of the BBL is more towards Pro B level but even then there are 30 odd teams in Pro B so there is a massive disparity across even those teams (just as there is in most leagues including the BBL to be fair).

    Whatever the level though you can only compete with what is in front of you and Myles deserves a ton of credit for what he is accomplishing this year. Looking at his numbers if he can just groove his 3 point shot a little more he may be able to get a shot in the Bundesliga and he should certainly be at GBs next camp, and not as a late call up.

  • dave f

    as for `more professional` that really depends on which situations you have been in in England.

    • Alex

      I have been at games at both leagues – Pro A and Pro B and know players from both. Pro B is definitely not the BBL level as they have small budgets, play in small local gyms (with lines etc) and most German players have jobs and only pick-up 200-300 euros to play. The imports are also very low paid, some earn less than a 1000 euros a month. Pro A is the more professional level and, with some exceptions, better level than the BBL. In principle the German leagues are well organised and run and have good spectator base, but the actual level of basketball is average.

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