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Vlog: adidas EUROCAMP 2012!

Hoopsfix Vlog adidas EUROCAMP

Hoopsfix Vlog adidas EUROCAMPI’m excited to present the first ever Hoopsfix Vlog! The new YouTube channel aims to give you a little more of an insight into the workings of Hoopsfix, what goes on behind the scenes and different things we get up to.

For the first one, I want to take you back to June when I headed to Italy for adidas EUROCAMP – the only official NBA pre-draft camp outside of the US. A few things to bear in mind:

1) I’m normally behind the camera…talking into it takes a little getting used to and something I’m not 100% comfortable with yet. This will come with time, so cut me a little slack :-)

2) As this was the first time I’ve intentionally tried to film this kind of thing, during the editing process I realised I probably could’ve filmed some more bits to give a greater insight. I would’ve preferred to do a day by day story – this video makes Eurocamp appear to finish abruptly before I’ve really even shown much about it – that’s in large part to not filming enough.

It’s all a learning process though, and I’m confident they will get better as time goes on. I’ve got more planned for the coming weeks, from stuff I’ve filmed over the past couple of months so make sure you get subscribed to the new channel by clicking here.

I’d also love to hear what you think about it and whether this is something you’d like to see a lot more of! Feel free to leave a comment below or on YouTube!


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