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Midnight Madness Finals Night 2012 – Highlights!

Midnight Madness 2012 Finals Night

Midnight Madness 2012 Finals NightCheck out all the best highlights from the culmination of the summer – the 2012 Midnight Madness Finals Night!

The famous blacked out court was back, this time at UEL Sports Dock, as the crowd were treated to hoops, music and other live performances. There wasn’t a crazy amount of highlights, but enough to put this together-

In case you missed them check out the other Midnight Madness videos from the summer:

First Qualifier – Brixton

Second Qualifier – Brixton
Boot Camp – The Regal
Benji Lawmann Throws Down the POSTER
Young Hollywood Shuts Down the Dunk Contest
What do you think was the highlight of Midnight Madness 2012? Let us know in the comments!

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