Adidas EUROCAMP Day 2 Recap -

Adidas EUROCAMP Day 2 Recap

Evan Fournier
The second day of the 2012 adidas EUROCAMP took place in Treviso, Italy on Monday with a number of different highlights.

Vitals Released

All the vitals and BAM testing results were release with Brit Devon van Oostrum testing as one of the best athletes at the camp. DVO finished with the second highest standing vertical (30.5 inches), third highest with a step approach (34.5 inches) and was joint first in the 3/4 court sprint. Links to all results can be found below:
Player Measurements (Height, wingspan, reach, weight)
Vertical & Approach Jumps
Lane Agility Times
3/4 Court Sprint Times
Reaction Shuttle Times

Kevin McHale Guest Talk

Celtis legend and now Houston Rockets head coach Kevin McHale was today’s guest speaker at the camp and spent his session teaching post play. More info from Brett Pollakoff over at Pro Basketball Talk.

Evan Fournier Plays

Evan Fournier suited up for the first time, after going through just an individual workout on Day 1 – and showed he was a level above the competition.

Game Play

All the box scores from the day’s games with full player stats can be found by clicking on the links below:
Team 3 vs Team 4 (running clock)
France U20 vs Russia U20
Team 1 vs Team 2
adidas EUROCAMP All-Stars vs AIS

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