Kicks: Nike Zoom KD IV 'Weatherman' Edition -

Kicks: Nike Zoom KD IV ‘Weatherman’ Edition

Words by Lemara Lindsay-Prince | @lemelp

Fresh off the frenzy the Air Jordan Black Cement III’s caused on Friday, the sneaker world kick started with a bang this week following the unveiling of Kevin Durant’s KD IV Weatherman’s.
Kevin Durant KD IV Weatherman's

The fourth shoe in the Oklahoma City Thunder star’s signature line, it is fair to say this particular colourway holds a special place in Durant’s heart. The colourway clearly resembles that of a thermal weather map; inspired by his childhood dream of wanting to be a weatherman when he grew up,

The attention to detail on the Weatherman’s is crazy! Not only is the thermal map motif on the back heel and wrapped around the Nike logo on the side panel but flip these joints over and it’s included in the sole where it imitates the heat pattern of Durant’s feet.

Kevin Durant KD IV Weatherman's SoleDesigned by Leo Chang, who has been in charge of all of Kevin Durant’s shoe releases to date, the KD IV is a sound shoe and perfect for any basketball player looking for a low cut sneaker with maximum support on court and that enables them to move freely and adapt to the sudden changes in a game.

Combining Hyperfuse on the upper which provides both durability and breathability with a Zoom Air Unit that allows responsive cushioning – the shoe perfectly match KD’s versatile game. Heavily involved in the design process from the beginning, Durant wanted a shoe that could fit his size 18 foot perfectly, be light and adapt to his quickness.

The KD IV definitely showcases Nike’s innovation. The Adaptive Fit system (seen for the first time on a basketball shoe) supports the player at all times, providing a lock-down at the forefront and arch. The strap wraps around from the inside of the upper then joins with the laces to ensure a better fit and better lateral support. Even the Hyperfuse construction on the upper has been carefully thought through. On the KD IV it’s made up of three different layers fused together to make a near seamless upper; the outcome being more ventilation, durability and stability.

From an aesthetic point of view the Weatherman’s are far better than the Nerf’s, something Durant has admitted himself!

I was instantly drawn to the shoe because of the colourway – bright, explosive and unique. For me a shoe like this represents the great relationship Nike designers have with their athletes. Not only from a performance standpoint of being light and low, but more so how they manage to incorporate something as personal as KD’s childhood ambition into the design motif of a sneaker.
Leo Chang and Kevin Durant

Other glimpses of Durant’s childhood and personal life appear on the shoe with the name “Big Chucky” appearing on the heel to honour Durant’ late coach. The letters “W” & “P” form a heart to represent his parents and his grandmother’s name Barbara appear on the sole alongside miniature lightening bolts and reminders for KD to “Work Hard” and “Stay Focused”. There’s also a little reference to Durant’s team inside the shoe (see pic below).

Kevin Durant KD IV Weatherman's The forecastWord on the net is that the KD IV Weatherman’s will be a quickstrike drop on the December 10th at House of Hoops. Hopefully they will be available online for all of us across the pond here in the UK!

Images from The Shoe Game and Eu Kicks

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