Ben Gordon Insurance Deal "Looking Unlikely" -

Ben Gordon Insurance Deal “Looking Unlikely”

British Basketball performance director Chris Spice has said it is “looking unlikely” Detroit Pistons player Ben Gordon will be playing for Great Britain this summer as they prepare for their second consecutive Eurobasket appearance.

The ongoing NBA lockout has meant the price of insurance to cover Gordon for international competition is too expensive for British Basketball to be able to afford.

Talking to the BBC, Spice said:

“It is difficult and it is complex and if I was a betting man I don’t think it is going to happen unfortunately.

“We’ll know on Monday (today) but it is looking unlikely.

“In the end we have not been able to afford the same level of cover he would get in a normal year in an NBA deal.”

Spice added that he is “100%” certain Gordon will suit up next year if the NBA lockout is resolved:

“There is no question in my mind, if the NBA lockout wasn’t there Ben would be playing for us this year because the cover would be in place. I am 100% certain he will be with us next year if there is no lockout.”


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