Skyler White Stirs Up A Storm -

Skyler White Stirs Up A Storm

Skyler White, the American based England U18 forward, has raised a few eyebrows after stating that he has already been informed he has made the final cut for the England U18 team heading out to Bulgaria for the European Championships in June.

Officially, the squad coached by Steve Bucknall is currently standing at 26, with a training camp to be held in February to further look at players. No announcements have been made with any confirmed squad members.

On White’s Hoop Group blog published in early January, White states:

“I had a very exciting break. On Christmas day, my parents and I flew from Seattle to England so I could play in a tournament for the U18 England National team. This was a great experience for me. I got to play against a type of ball that I never would have seen in the states. These guys were some of the quickest and fastest kids I’ve ever seen! But I knew I had to bust my butt to impress my coaches to get invited back so I gave it everything I had.  I guess it worked cause I was invited back to play in the European Championships in Bulgaria in June.

Whether England Basketball are happy for for Skyler to publicly declare he has made the team already remains to be seen (or whether he has made the team at all and he has got the wrong end of the stick?), but it raises questions as to whether any other players have been given guarantees they have already made the final cut, leaving players still left in the 26 with false hope, and furthermore, why people are being told their fate months before others.

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