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“Everything Needs To Improve”-Dan Clark

Images: Dan Wooller/wooller.com

With GB patiently awaiting FIBA’s impending decision about their London 2012 fate, GB big man Dan Clark doesn’t believe the pressure FIBA has placed on GB to improve, both on and off the court, before granting them their place is a bad thing.

In a candid interview published today on FIBA’s website, Clark said:

“I think it’s good they have put pressure on us because if they let us in for free, we wouldn’t change anything in the country. We need to make the domestic league better and make everything better, in general, not just the national team, not just putting everything into that one team. They need to put money into everything to make everything better.”

As to why basketball is in the state that it is, Dan remains one of those looking for answers:

“I’m one of those people that doesn’t understand why basketball hasn’t made it in England. Maybe there’s not enough coaching, not enough whatever you need to be a good basketball country but, I think we have the people who want to be good coaches, the people who want to help out.”

Read the rest of the Dan Clark interview over at FIBA, where he also discusses his hopes for GB this summer and his season with ACB side Estudiantes.

It was confirmed today that on the weekend of March 12-13, FIBA will announce at their Central Board meeting in Lyon, France, if the British teams will be granted automatic qualification for London 2012-a decision that has been waited on for months by the British basketball community.

What do you think? Is it right for FIBA to have kept GB waiting? Do you think they will grant GB their place at London 2012?


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