Van Oostrum An Option for Baskonia's Euroleague Roster -

Van Oostrum An Option for Baskonia’s Euroleague Roster

Devon Van Oostrum

Will Devon Van Oostrum be playing Euroleague this season?

Spanish newspaper El Correo is reporting Devon Van Oostrum is being considered as an option for Baskonia’s Euroleague roster.

El Correo reports that the club based in Vitoria, Spain, have been looking at incorporating some younger talent into their roster for this season’s Euroleague and the spotlight has fallen away from new signing Dejan Musli (who was brought in to replace Pops) and onto Devon Van Oostrum.

The lack of constraints with regards to having foreign born players on Euroleague teams could open the door for the 1993 born GB phenom to play in the highest level basketball competition in Europe.

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