Betts Explains Absence from Team GB -

Betts Explains Absence from Team GB

Andy Betts

Betts will be missed in August

When the 2010 Team GB Men’s training roster was announced a couple of weeks ago, one notable absence was big man Andy Betts who is now a Team GB veteran. Many assumed it was due to his back; the seven foot centre has been hampered by injury through his career but his absence is due to the more joyous news of the birth of a new baby.

Betts, talking to British Basketball said:

“The reason I’m not playing this summer is me wanting to spend time with my family. They doesn’t live with me in Greece during the season as they are in Malaga, Spain, so the kids could continue in the same schools and not have to change every year. There is no way I could be away from my kids all year and then be away this summer with the new baby arriving.”

“My back is fine and I have learned how to keep my back under control and have only missed a handful of back related games in the 7 years since I had the surgery.

“I have always loved playing for my country and it was a great feeling to be involved in a major tournament with them last summer. I will miss playing with the guys this summer but it will also be great for me to spend some quality time with my family. I have been playing with England and GB for 14 years now and it’s time for me to start putting my family first.”

“I think that if all the guys that have been selected turn up this summer we will have no problem qualifying (for Eurobasket 2011). I have not ruled out returning to play for GB if they select me, maybe even next year but that is a decision that will be made closer to the time.”

There is no doubt Team GB will miss him in August; he would have been a contender for the starting spot but it is great to hear it is not due to his recurring back problems.


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