Video: Midnight Madness Nottingham Qualifier -

Video: Midnight Madness Nottingham Qualifier

Midnight Madness Nottingham didn’t disappoint. In the Under 18’s, Tom Pereira showed why he is considered by many the best shooter in the country in his age group, finishing shots from way beyond the 3 point line and being able to score with a hand in his face. Ryan Martin finally came to play, and didn’t seem to have to try very hard to qualify, finishing on a range of drives and shots and being a presence on the defensive end. Henry Wilkins showed off his athleticism with a couple of dunks as well as doing his thing from beyond the 3 point line as well. Rema Lascelles bought his England game with him and showed why he is one of the top PG’s in the country. Final shout out to number 26 (get me a name and I’ll edit this), a shaved head ginger guy who looks a lot older than he obviously is but was killin’ all night finishing on so many reverse lay-ups I lost count!

In the Under 23’s, a couple of PG’s stood out-Nick J Lewis who is playing stateside, showed he has game with a number of nice assists and smart plays. The other was (again no name, sorry) number 12, black vest and black hair who had seriously smooth handle and performed well all night. Luke Baker also went on a hot streak towards the end of the night hitting a variety of mid and long-range jumpers.

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