Video: Midnight Madness Leeds Qualifier -

Video: Midnight Madness Leeds Qualifier

I know people who have spoken to me about Midnight Madness Leeds, know that there is only ever one person in the Under 18’s I talk about and that is Mark ‘The Best Kept Secret’ Rangeley. His performance was ridiculously dominant and I don’t think we saw many performances quite like it over the Summer Midnight Madness tour. I’m not gonna talk about it too much as there is a video dropping soon with his full reel from the event, all I will say is that once he gets some decent coaching (never played National League before) watch out. Other shout outs go to Joseph Baugh for a DISGUSTING putback to finish off the Under 18’s, Ben Cepulis who definitely played very nice and Mostapha Alfaki who didn’t stop scoring.

The Under 23’s were rammed full of talent. Point guard Carl Pearson and Jamell Anderson were at the forefront of that pool, teaming up to hold court for a long time putting on a show for spectators-Carl Pearson bringing his smooth handle and passing, and Jamell his damn hot mid-range game and dunking shoes. Other mentions go to PG Sam (blonde guy, if anyone has a surname let me know) who came out hard and wasn’t intimidated by the likes of Pearson, bangin’ 3s and driving to the hole, and Dominic (?) an athletic big man who was blocking shots n dunking.

Anyway, check out the video and be sure to drop a comment!


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