Video: CBA-Canarias Basketball Academy -

Video: CBA-Canarias Basketball Academy

Greg Tanner of Basketball 24/7 recently returned from his trip out to Canarias Basketball Academy. A lot has been said about the Canarias Basketball Academy or CBA, since it was launched in 2007 by experienced coach Rob Orellana and I know of many people (including myself) who have wondered what it’s actually like.

Greg has done an awesome job putting together this video that gives a much deeper insight into what goes on at CBA, not only the basketball side of it but also the accommodation, education options and Rob Orellana himself. If you have the cash, it seems like a great environment for young British ballers who are looking to improve their game and advance their basketball careers.

Check out the video above, and also what Greg himself had to say about his trip to Canarias Basketball Academy. Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts on the alternative option to going Stateside.

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