Video: Matthew Bryan-Amaning at Midnight Madness 2009 -

Video: Matthew Bryan-Amaning at Midnight Madness 2009

For those that weren’t at the Midnight Madness Regional Qualifiers in Nottingham (the only Midnight Madness event thats runs all the way through the night-6pm til 6am), there was one team that was unstoppable in the u23s MM College Division. Made up of Ogo Adegboye, Darrell Bethune, Ladi Brown, Tayo Ogedengbe and Matthew Bryan-Amaning, it was evident they had no intention of coming off the court all night. This group of guys, a team that most EBL Div 1 and perhaps even BBL teams would be jealous of, were invariably led by Matthew Bryan-Amaning. One of the finest young players playing across the pond at the moment (if you don’t know, for Washington Huskies NCAA Div1), Matthew pretty much had his way with whoever he chose all night!

As expected, this allows for a pretty ridiculous mixtape…check it!


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