Video: David Durkan Shuts Down NI Dunk Comp

In Northern Ireland there is one website reppin’ the hoops scene to the fullest – The Courtside Collective. And what better way to represent and celebrate an under-celebrated sport than with an all-star event? That is exactly what The Courtside Collective did, in collaboration with ESPN might we add, and this right here is one of the highlights of the day.

David Durkan, all 5’11” of him, lined up two spectators and cleared them (pretty comfortably) to send the sold out gym beserk and take home the dunk contest title!

Check out the BBC report on the event, as well as The Courtside Collective’s report and their Facebook page for photos!

Massive shout out to The Courtside Collective – keep doin’ your thing!

  • Cheers HoopsFix. We appreciate it that!


  • Dale

    Big dunk!!!!

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