Video: LeBron Takes Kid 1 on 1 and Dunks on Him

LBJ Takes Kid 1 on 1

LeBron James gets asked to show off his jumpshot to young hoopers at the London School of basketball down in Crystal Palace today…after missing two straight, he decides to take another option, going 1 on 1 with a kid and dunking on him.

More footage from LeBron at the London School of Basketball coming soon!

Big thanks to the the London School of Basketball (find them on Facebook as well) and Nike Basketball for access!

  • JJ

    Ha, so the UK baden ball aint good enough for lebron ?

    • Sam Neter

      Haha…Nike event…gotta be a Nike ball

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  • John

    Is that the same jumpshot he showed Dallas during the finals?

  • luke

    hah i like the kids face after..nahaaa give me that ball haha

  • james

    lebron travelled

  • ed

    lucky nike didn’t confiscate the video sam ;) you know with him missing two jump shots haha

  • WillC

    The kid deserved it.

  • ryan

    the kid should of just took 5 steps back and said “shoot it again”. am i right?