Great Britain Reduced to 13 Ahead of Latvian Match-up

Laurence Ekperigin and Matthew Bryan-Amaning have both been released from the Great Britain team as they prepare to face Latvia on Saturday.

Neither cut comes as a major surprise after both played sparingly during the London International Basketball Invitational last week. The three younger players on the side, Andrew Lawrence, Ryan Richards, and Devon Van Oostrum, have all held onto their spots after surprising many with their performances so far.

The roster now stands at 13, with the final cut expected to be made after Saturday’s game.

The roster is now as follows:

Great Britain Men’s Senior Roster

Ogo Adegboye
Robert Archibald
Eric Boateng
Dan Clark
Luol Deng
Joel Freeland
Kyle Johnson
Andrew Lawrence
Mike Lenzly
Nate Reinking
Ryan Richards
Andrew Sullivan
Devon van Oostrum

The injury to Dan Clark’s hand sustained at the Olympic test event last week has been deemed not serious, but he is expected to be rested against Latvia, with head coach Chris Finch saying:

“Dan should be okay. There’s no significant damage that we didn’t expect. We won’t play him at the weekend, but we expect him to be okay for Lithuania.”

Looking ahead to the game against Lithuania he commented:

“We’ll be trying to get in rhythm, to get our top players going.”

GB team take on Latvia tomorrow in Jelgava at 15.00 BST, their last warm-up game before their Eurobasket campaign begins against Lithuania, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and Poland.

What do you think? Surprised by the cuts?

  • Carl

    A little disappointed to see MBA get cut – think he should probably get the nod over Kyle Johnson

  • Looks like Richards is going to make the team even after being the only person to not score one single point in the tournament. I must admit i am surprised he didn’t get cut and i hope he got to stay on due to solid defensive play and a willingness to get better.

    I hope GB does well and I hope Richards gets some good minutes

  • J

    You got to be realistic when picking the team. MBA is going up against Archibold, Freeland, Clarke, Boatend, Richards… whereas Johnson is arguably the teams 3rd best shooter after Reinking and Deng and will only be a 2 on offence and maybe a 2/3 on defence, much easier selection. It is interesting though as MBA had a fantasic senior year at Washington and Richards has been recovering from injury, but Richards has unlimited potential. I am looking forward to having a Freeland, Richards, Deng front court i nthe future – we just need to find a younger version of Lenzly and wait for Lawrence and Devon to mature.

    • So you think Richards is pretty much a lock also?

    • Carl

      For sure the competition is tough but for me Richards and Boateng are still very raw whereas MBA has been battle tested at the very top level of NCAA D1 hoops putting up big numbers against the best teams. I think we could use his athleticism and poise at both ends of the floor. That said, we have a lot of guys who can contribute in the front court and obviously Finch has made his choices based on what he’s seen in the games and practices. If the final cut is one of the youngsters, I think you probably drop Richards for now and keep all 3 PGs because they are all so young and unproven you want them all to get as much experience as they can. Devon definitely should stay based on his Australia performance alone.

      • Boateng put up solid numbers when he got minutes at the London international b-ball invitational though. I can understand you saying you think Richards should get cut but to have a bunch of point guards on the bench doesn’t make much sense in my opinion.

        • Carl

          Normally I’d agree that having 3 PGs is a lot but in our situation I think its the right call. We have no clear #1 at the position and we need all 3 to continue getting experience at this level. While the starter so far has been Ogo, his performance against Australia was obviously far from convincing. Ogo probably deserves the chance to prove that was a fluke, but Finch needs to use Eurobasket to decide whether Andrew Lawrence and DVO are better equipped the position with an eye towards 2012.

  • bishbashbosh

    It’s going to be one of the three youngers to sit this one out. Richards, Lawrence or van Oostrum. Personally I think it will be Richards this time going by the recent court times.

  • Jamie

    I didn’t think Johnson was still in the squad. Did he see court time in any of the recent games?

    I think a guard will be cut. My guess is Ogo Adegboye, but a lot will depend on performances against Latvia.

  • lee

    Any chance of a stream of the latvia game? cheers m8

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