PAWS London Capital Booted Out Of The BBL

PAWS London Capital

PAWS London Capital are no longer in the BBL

The British Basketball League released a statement today announcing the withdrawal of PAWS London Capital franchise from the BBL. The statement read as follows

The BBL has today announced the withdrawal of the PAWS London Capital Franchise. The decision follows a season-long review process which evaluated the performance of the franchise both on and off the playing court.

In a related move, following their relegation from BBL, Capital have taken a position in EBL Division One.

The BBL remains committed to the development of a successful franchise in London and is continuing to progress the establishment of a BBL Franchise connected to the Olympic Boroughs Basketball Legacy plan.

Though in my opinion it is a huge shame to see the BBL not fielding a London team next year, Capital didn’t give the board much of a choice with a setup that drew much criticism (check out their website lol) and very small crowds this season, not to mention the worst record in the league. It will be interesting to see how they perform next year in EBL Division 1.

  • Andy

    Need a team at Crystal Palace again!!!

  • jay

    Seriously, can we just rewind to the 1990’s Sky TV era with London Towers playing out of the Wembley conference halls and occasionally the Arena?

    By no means was it spectacular, but at least the league had some positives and standards back then.

    London Towers
    Manchester Giants
    Birmingham Bullets
    Greater London Leopards

    Bring them back!

  • nwb

    bring bak the towers!!!

  • For a team in London to work they need a good gym so they can get a good attendance.

    They also need funding from the local government. Manchester Magic have support from their local government who help with funding. If the london Boroughs could help it would increase their success and players alot as it means they can really bring in the best. I feel the PAWS London Capitals wont even do will in Div 1.

    Thirdly they need a new names PAWS? Really thats a bad bad name. Towers was better and I hated the towers because they were like our rivals but they need to come back and bring london a top flight club.
    If our capital city doesnt have a good team how can we expect the game to develop in these areas. something has to be done!

  • Zak

    London should really have a pro basketball team because they are one of the biggest cities in the world and people would expect it to have a proper home team; also since London doesnt have a team in the BBL anymore “does this mean talented professionals dont choose to live in London now”?

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