Team USA expecting to bring 'best of the best' roster to London -

Team USA expecting to bring ‘best of the best’ roster to London

Grant Hill USA Basketball

Fans can expect the Team USA roster coming to London next summer to feature ‘the best of the best’, Men’s National Team Director Grant Hill told Hoopsfix on Friday.

Up on top of the O2 Arena, where USA will face FIBA Basketball World Cup Champions, Germany and South Sudan on July 20th and 22nd next year in preparation for the Paris Olympics, Hill said despite the final roster not being set yet, fans will not be disappointed.

“I can’t give you the names yet,” he said.

“We haven’t determined the team, but we’re going to have names you recognise; players who are stars, not just in the NBA, but all over the world. So we’ll have a mix of older players who have been a part of our program and been in the Olympic Games in years past, and we’ll have some players who this is the first opportunity for them.

“So I’m excited. We’re going to have the best of the best and they’re going to come show our best and it starts here in London next summer.”

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The likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Joel Embiid, Jayson Tatum and a whole host of other stars have expressed an interest in playing; though it is known some of those who have publicly volunteered will not be extended invitations. Officials are also reportedly chasing Jrue Holiday.

It will be the first time London has hosted Team USA since the London 2012 Olympics.

“We chose (to come to) London for a couple of reasons,” Hill continued.

“One, we’ve had great success here. We won our a gold medal in 2012 here at the Olympics.

“The fans here, the love of the game, the passion for the game of basketball is really incredible. We also know that Germany and South Sudan, they want to be here in London. They want to come to this city, they want to play in the O2 arena. So I think it’s a win-win for all of us.

“It’s close to Paris. So we’re fired up, and I know talking to some of the guys who will potentially be with us next summer, they’re fired up as well. ”

Hill added the growth around the British Basketball League has also not gone unnoticed.

“I know the league is growing and there’s been some excitement here with the British basketball league. I wish I had a chance to go to a game! It’s not on the schedule, but the fact that there is a professional league here that’s having some success just speaks to the popularity and the excitement and passion for the game here in London and in England.

“Next time I come, hopefully I’ll get a chance to check out some games.”

USA will be looking to redeem themselves at Paris 2024, after a fourth place finish at the FIBA Basketball World Cup this summer, an experience that Hill believes served them well, despite not winning.

“It was a great experience,” he reflected.

“We didn’t win like we wanted to but we got a chance to get some young players of ours in the system, a chance to be a part of it and they’ll be a part of our program for years to come.

“But it was great, I learned a lot. We didn’t accomplish our goal, but, you know, we have an opportunity this upcoming summer to do that.

“The World Cup, it is hard. It’s not easy. Even though we’ve had great success in the World Cup and in the Olympics, it’s not easy at all. And you know, we’ll be better as a result of that experience last summer.”

Tickets are still available for the USA Basketball Showcase London, here.

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