Abbey Whitehouse, Isi Ozzy-Momodu headline WEABL awards -

Abbey Whitehouse, Isi Ozzy-Momodu headline WEABL awards

Abbey Whitehouse and Isi Ozzy-Momodu were named MVPs of their respective Conferences to headline the 2021-22 WEABL awards.

It was a second successive Northern Conference MVP honour for Whitehouse after another strong season at Sheffield, while Ozzy-Momodu picks up the Southern Conference MVP award as CoLA went unbeaten.

Whitehouse averaged a big double-double of 15.4 points and 14.3 rebounds per game, while Ozzy-Momodu posted 11.9 points and 10.4 rebounds per outing – also earning the Defensive Player of the Year award in the South.

Derby’s Vanessa Obanor was named Defensive Player of the Year in the North with Whitehouse’s Sheffield teammate Jasmine Graham recognised as the Most Improved Player – JMA’s Jessie Ford claimed the Southern Conference’s equivalent.

First-year players Erin Powell, of Charnwood, and Barking Abbey’s Fatmata Janneh received U17 Player of the Year awards.

Whitehouse was joined by Nottingham duo Mariam Olawoyin and Praise Egharevba in the All-North First Team with Charnwood’s Katie Januszewska and Derby’s Megan Lovatt also in the lineup.

In the All-South First Team, Ozzy-Momodu had a CoLA teammate in the form of Funmi Amode with Janneh also making the lineup alongside backcourt duo Daisy Porter, of Oaklands, and Copleston talent Olivia Forster.

Powell, Graham and Obanor were all part of the All-North Second Team with another Charnwood forward in Alex Shaw and Manchester Mystics general Charli Wroe.

Itchen duo Faye Endean and Anna Nevison were part of the All-South Second Team with Oaklands’ Kizzy Spence, Copleston guard Saruna Gudza and CoLA forward Molly Lavin.

Seven players that made it onto All-WEABL teams took part in the 2021 edition of the Hoopsfix All-Star Classic.

Meanwhile, CoLA’s Jackson Gibbons claimed another Coach of the Year award after an unbeaten campaign, with Sheffield’s young play-caller Will Hopper earning the accolade in the North as they made it through to the playoffs.

Northern Conference

MVP: Abbey Whitehouse (Sheffield)
Coach of the Year: Will Hopper (Sheffield)
Defensive Player: Vanessa Obanor (Derby)
Most Improved: Jasmine Graham (Sheffield)
U17 Player: Erin Powell (Charnwood)

All-First Team: Abbey Whitehouse (Sheffield), Mariam Olawoyin (Nottingham), Katie Januszewska (Charnwood), Megan Lovatt (Derby), Praise Egharevba (Nottingham)
All-Second Team: Charli Wroe (Manchester), Jasmine Graham (Sheffield), Erin Powell, Alex Shaw (both Charnwood), Vanessa Obanor (Derby)

Southern Conference

MVP: Isi Ozzy-Momodu (CoLA)
Coach of the Year: Jackson Gibbons (CoLA)
Defensive Player: Isi Ozzy-Momodu (CoLA)
Most Improved: Jessie Ford (JMA)
U17 Player: Fatmata Janneh (Barking Abbey)

All-First Team: Olivia Forster (Copleston), Daisy Porter (Oaklands), Funmi Amode (CoLA), Fatmata Janneh (Barking Abbey), Isi Ozzy-Momodu (CoLA)
All-Second Team: Kizzy Spence (Oaklands), Saruna Gudza (Copleston), Faye Endean, Anna Nevison (both Itchen), Molly Lavin (CoLA)

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