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Evelyn Adebayo signs first pro contract in Belgium

Evelyn Adebayo is excited about the challenge of turning pro after signing for Phantoms Boom in Belgium for the 2020-21 season.

The former GB Under-20 graduated from UConn with a master’s degree earlier this year, and heads to Antwerp to start her pro career.

“It’s a great blessing feeling for sure; becoming pro is something I’ve worked hard for for a very long time,” Adebayo told Hoopsfix. “I’m looking forward to it, and I give all the glory and praise to God!

“I felt comfortable with the coaches and team and feel like it’s the right place for this upcoming season.

“The biggest reason [for joining] is probably the players and coaches on the team, they’re very friendly and welcoming, they also have a good culture and support system.”

Adebayo transferred from Murray State for her senior year in college and went on to win a Conference Championship with UConn before the coronavirus pandemic cut short the season.

And, the 1996-born forward will take a lot from her college experience into her next challenge having also being able to lean on fellow Brits amongst the pro ranks.

“One of the biggest things I learnt from college is having the ‘next play’ mentality; meaning no matter what’s going on or just happened, you have to keep working and never lose confidence in yourself of your abilities.

“I’ve been able to speak to a few friends who are also pro and I’ve heard a lot of good things.

“For my team, I would like to be someone they rely on and trust to do my job every day and help them achieve more success.”

Phantoms Boom were in third place last season with a 17-5 record with the 2020-21 campaign set to get underway in mid-September as Adebayo becomes the latest Brit to play in Belgium following spells at Castors Braine for Chantelle Handy and Karlie Samuelson.

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