Becoming the first English player to reach 100 caps - With Paul Stimpson - Ep. 53 -

Becoming the first English player to reach 100 caps – With Paul Stimpson – Ep. 53

For Episode 53 of the Hoopsfix Podcast we sit down with former England and GB international, and legend of the game Paul Stimpson, the first English player to reach 100 caps.

Stimpson, is not only one of the British game’s all-time greats, but post-playing has gone on to an impressive career off the court which saw him become the Managing Director of FIBA Media for over 15 years. Over his 112 international caps, he registered 1041 points for England (and another 22 for GB), whilst securing 15 domestic titles at home.

At the end of last year, he moved over to DAZN (formerly Perform), an over-the-top subscription sports streaming service who have a multi-year deal for FIBA events through until 2033.

Spending the majority of his playing days with Crystal Palace, he also spent a season in Kingston under Kevin Cadle and a year in Solent before pursuing a career in Switzerland.

In this near two hour episode, hear from Paul on:

  • How he first started playing basketball
  • Joining the Crystal Palace program underneath the legendary Roy Packham
  • Getting his first England Senior call up as a 19 year old
  • Playing for Crystal Palace whilst at university, with his first ‘pro’ deal being a car
  • The debate around dual nationals and representing the national team
  • Juggling playing basketball whilst working jobs
  • Going up against Alton Byrd every day at practice with Crystal Palace
  • Leading England past a Greek side that featured Nick Galis in 1981 (Stimpson led the team in scoring with 22 points)
  • The importance of national teams having enough preparation time
  • Whether or not players were aspiring to go to the US in that era
  • The Crystal Palace School of Basketball and discovering Andrea Congreaves
  • Basketball in England having a stronger culture in the 80s than now and why
  • How important a digital and social media strategy is for basketball programmes
  • What netball have done in England to experience success with fans and on TV
  • The struggles British basketball has with getting on TV
  • The need to get numerous people who used to play connected with the game again
  • Meeting his wife through basketball
  • Retiring from playing the game at 30 to pursue a career with ISL in Switzerland which included working with FIBA
  • Heading up FIBA Media’s operations working with broadcasters and rights-holders globally for FIBA’s flagship events
  • BCP’s huge upset over Kingston in the playoff final at Wembley in 1987
  • The need for basketball factions across the UK to come together as one
  • And much, much more!
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