Shakeem Giwa ('02) Drops 71 Points in Under-18 NBL! -

Shakeem Giwa (’02) Drops 71 Points in Under-18 NBL!

Watch Shakeem Giwa go OFF for a 71 point game in Under-18 South III Conference with London Lions against Barking & Dagenham Thunder.

Giwa faced little resistance, going 28 for 53 (!) from the field, as he knocked down seven three-pointers, and added 6 assists for good measure in the 135-54 blowout win last weekend.

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  1. JohnB

    May 23, 2020 at 9:21 am

    Which says absolutely everything about the present day standard of junior basketball. Maybe, one day in the distant future, BE will decide to shelve its so-called senior program and concentrate on a properly organized and funded junior program. I think, but could be wrong of course, that the juniors are the future of the sport.

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