Basketball England Release Six-Year Strategic Plan for Public Feedback -

Basketball England Release Six-Year Strategic Plan for Public Feedback

Basketball England

Basketball England have released the first draft of their six-year strategy document on how they envision the sport growing from 2018-2024.

They will be garnering feedback from the public until 15 September – aiming to publish the final plan on October 1 2018 – as the 20-page document, called ‘Growing Basketball Together’ outlines the national governing body’s direction and focus for basketball moving forward following 18-months of research via the ‘Basketball Development Model’.

Amongst other things, it outlines their four standout priorities; grow the grassroots from a younger age, tackling the gap between male and female participation in all facets of the sport (playing, competing, coaching, and officiating), addressing the number of quality coaches, and a recruitment and training drive for better officials.

Additional to this, BE says they have four main strategic ambitions: to grow participation; build the facility and people infrastructure; develop talent, and to be an effective governing body supporting its members and profiling joint successes.

The document includes some aspirational goals such as 500,000 more people experiencing the sport, 20,000 coaches, officials and volunteers trained and engaged, creating 10 thriving talent hubs, and achieving high performing NGB status by 2024.

In the accompanying statement on their website, they said:

“Following a period of research, consultation, international comparisons and consideration of the best practice in basketball, we now signal a period of change, improvement and delivery to develop and grow the sport. We have a tremendous opportunity to promote the sport to the nation, government, media and potential investors in a positive and realistic way if we show we can achieve a lot more collectively for basketball and the communities we all serve.

“This strategic plan is the direction, focus and advert for all stakeholders to help leverage a better future for basketball and support the thousands of people benefiting from our sport.”

You can find the full strategy plan here.

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