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Operating the British Basketball League – With Andy Webb – Ep. 36

Andy Webb BBL Chief Operating Officer

For Episode 36 of the Hoopsfix Podcast we got the chance to sit down with the Chief Operating Officer of the BBL, Andy Webb.

Webb has been working for the BBL for over 23 years, having been involved in what many consider its ‘heyday’ in the 90’s, before the low point in the early 2000’s, through to the present day, so has a wealth of experience to share from his time with the pro-league.

In this hour long episode hear from Andy Webb on:

  • His background as a fan of the game and how he ended up as the Chief Operating Officer for the BBL
  • What exactly his roles and responsibilities are as Chief Operating Officer
  • A rundown of the league’s timeline over the past two decades
  • The sponsorship and commercial deals the league has
  • Why he feels the league is closing in on being in its strongest ever positon
  • Whether or not he feels the BBL gets a bad rap
  • The need for there to be more money funnelled into the sport
  • What he thinks are the league’s biggest weaknesses
  • The importance of the sport owning their assets and facilities
  • The ownership and governance structure of the BBL
  • The disparity between the top and bottom of the BBL and how to address it
  • The impact the new licensing agreement under the BBF has had
  • How ideally they would want the BBL to have around 18 franchises
  • How franchise applicants think it’s going to be easier than it is to run a BBL club
  • Correcting inaccuracies regularly shared about the BBL
  • How the league has been able to have success with selling tickets for their Finals events
  • Dealing with the instability of the federations over the years
  • Where he sees the BBL going in the future
  • The likelihood of seeing a BBL club in Europe in the near future
  • The profitability of the BBL
  • And much, much more!

As always, I’d love to get your feedback, come back after you’ve listened and lets get some discussion going in the comments.

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