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Drew Sullivan Testimonial Rosters Set Ahead of Exhibition

Drew Sullivan Testimonial Game

The star-studded rosters for Drew Sullivan’s testimonial event next week in Leicester have been set, with a number of Great Britain internationals and legends of the game involved.

The event, set to take place on July 22nd at Leicester Arena, is to celebrate the career of GB Olympian and BBL legend Sullivan, that culminated in 20 pieces of silverware across 12 seasons in the league and 100 caps for the Great Britain side.

The game will pit a London squad against a World squad, with the likes of Sullivan’s Olympian teammates Kieron Achara, Dan Clark, and Andrew Lawrence suiting up, along with numerous current and former BBL and GB teammates of the ex GB captain.

The full rosters are as follows:

London Roster

Drew Sullivan
Andrew Lawrence
Dan Clark
Perry Lawson
Orlan Jackman
Jerelle Okoro
Tayo Ogedengbe
Matthew Bryan-Amaning
Paul Edwards
Errol Seaman
Steve Ogunjimi
Rodney Alexander
Mike Martin
Justin Robinson
Olu Babalola

World Roster

Kieron Achara
Conner Washington
Charles Smith
Andrew Bridge
Barry Lamble
Anthony Rowe
Raheem May-Thompson
David Aliu
Emile Hopkins
Mike Bernard
Andy Thomson
Mike Tuck

Tony Garbelotto, Richard Fergus, Laurent Irish are set to coach London, whilst Gary Maitland, Mark Jarram and Sussi Maguire will head up the World squad.

The schedule for the event is as follows:

17.30: Doors open
18.30: Tip Off
20.00: Post-Game Auction

Buy your tickets by clicking here, whilst you can also bid for your chance to play/coach with Drew or against him for the last time here.

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