Rob Gilchrist Joins Araberri in LEB Gold -

Rob Gilchrist Joins Araberri in LEB Gold

Robert Gilchrist has signed with LEB Gold side Araberri for the remainder of the 2016-17 season.

The GB forward had started the season in Greece at Holargos in A2 before parting ways through mutual agreement, and came to terms with Araberri on the final day of the signing deadline.

Araberri are currently 12-13 in twelfth place in the LEB Gold standings.

“It’s definitely what I came here to do – help the team,” the Florida State graduate said in the press conference introducing him to the media.

“I care about winning, I care about being a team player and I think I can bring that to this team and help them get over the hump they are in this season.

“I have high hopes for the rest of the season, it’s a goal for us to get the playoffs and make a good run.”

Fellow Brit Joe Hart – currently at Newcastle Eagles in the BBL – is a former player at Araberri having helped the Spanish side earn promotion by winning the third division playoffs in 2016.

Check out the club presenting Gilchrist to the media earlier this week:

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