DENG Camp Announce Top 50 List for its Third Year -

DENG Camp Announce Top 50 List for its Third Year

The DENG Camp Top 50 list has been revealed ahead of the third edition of the camp, which will take place at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre from 24-27 August.

Shaquille Walters (pictured) is one of the leading names amongst a highly talented list of the top prospects in the country.

23 of the 50 players chosen by the camp’s panel of selectors featured in last weekend’s 2016 Hoopsfix All-Star Classic, including the two MVP award winners, Zion Tordoff and RJ Eytle-Rock.

A number of current England junior internationals have been offered a place at the camp with an extensive reserve list in place for those unable to attend. Last year, Moses Byekwaso ranked as the #1 player having not made the initial TOP 50 list.

A 3×3 competition has been added to this year’s edition in order to add an extra sense of competitiveness to the camp.

“We are really excited for this year’s camp and ready to deliver an even better exposure platform for the UK’s elite, continuing to grow and improve the camp each year,” said Camp Director and CEO of the Luol Deng Foundation, Steve Vear.

“It took a lot longer than last year for the selection panel to choose the TOP 50, which has been down to the talent pool growing in the UK. We know we will always miss the odd kid as it’s so hard to get this full proof but we have a long reserve list this year where players are always given that chance when players aren’t available.

“This year’s TOP 50 list is filled with some really high quality players from over 20 different clubs showing the spread all across the UK has to offer. We also have three players who were nominated online making the TOP 50 as well as another 14 kids making the reserve list showing that opening up the online player nominations this year was the right move.”

Full staff announcements will be made in due course, although Luol Deng’s trainer Jacob Ross will be on hand to conduct a workshop on strength training, nutrition and recovery.

The DENG Camp TOP 50 List is as follows:

Amin Adamu
Obi Agu
Dan Akin
Hamad Ali
Adria Amabilino
Brian Amabilino
Richard Amaefule
Michael Anumba
Joshua Apple
James Banton
Kevin Boatey
Ashley Briggs
Johde Campbell
Morgan Carter
Jacob Cauthorn
Kaiyem Cleary
Joe Cummins
Oliver Dykes
Josh Edwards
RJ Eytle-Rock
Caleb Fuller
Fidel Gomez
Kemar Hawes
Kayne Henry-McCalla
Solomon Illuyomade
David Issekya
Ibu Jassey
Gedi Juozapaitis
Henri Langton
Ryan Murunge
Sean Nealon-Lino
Ayomikyn Nuwe
Emmanuel Odunsi
Radostin Papazov
Kareem Queeley
Jacob Round
Sesan Russell
Micah Savery-Richards
Ali Sbai
Dominic Scott-Robinson
Thai Segwai-Lodge
Zephi Sharman
Romario Spence
Zion Tordoff
Hamadee Taousi
Shaquille Walters
Oliver Waymark
Carl Wheatle
Keanan Williams
Rory Winter

Check out the highlights from last year’s All-Star game at DENG Camp 2015:

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