Best Dunkers in World Coming to England for 'Dunk Elite Live' -

Best Dunkers in World Coming to England for ‘Dunk Elite Live’

A selection of some of the best dunkers in the world will be coming to the UK in June as part of the inaugural ‘Dunk Elite Live’ tour.

Jordan “Mission Impossible’ Kilganon, 5′”5 YouTube sensation, Porter “What’s Gravity!?’ Maberry, and the 4x FIBA World Dunk Champion, Rafal “Lipek” Lipinski, will all be facing off at the Leicester Community Sports Arena on Sunday June 12.

Dunk Elite Live, in its first year, is an international series of dunking events aiming to become the world championship in dunking. It tips off on May 6th in Sweden, before coming to the UK and then finishing off in Toronto, Canada.

With participation from six world-class professional dunkers in each event, athletes win championship points at each competition and the athlete with the most points at the end of the three contests will be crowned the Dunk Elite World Champion.

Dunk Elite, arguably the most famous dunk troupe on the planet, has risen to prominence in the past few years since its creation by London-based Simon Piechowski.

Piechowski, who originally hails from Poland, used to help organise dunkers for Midnight Madness’ contest before founding Dunk Elite.

“I started representing athletes in 2013 whilst finishing my full time job at the big sports agency IMG,” Piechowski said.

“At the time I already had an established network of event organisers around the world and I knew I could get professional dunkers a lot of work. Since professional dunking is a very small world I quickly became the “go-to guy” for other athletes.

“Representing only 2 or 3 dunkers seemed to have reached its limit very quickly as the guys became fully booked for months ahead so forming Dunk Elite happened organically. Organisers needed reliable world-class dunkers and athletes needed the right representation – that’s how Dunk Elite was born.”

Since then Dunk Elite has gone from strength to strength, working close to 100 events a year, including FIBA and the NBA amongst its clients.

Dunk Elite Live is the next progression in their journey, with tickets starting from £15 and available at

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