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‘Underneath the Noise’ – New British Basketball Film Released

‘Underneath the Noise’, a new film by London filmmaker Jon E. Price released this week on Dazed, aims to confront the lack of profile that British basketball receives.

In the beautifully put together piece, NBL players Joel Henry (who has mad bounce) and Chinedu Bowens, along with Will Ohuaregbe who is currently playing pro in Italy, talk to the camera about what basketball means to them, their aspirations within the sport and what the recent funding cut meant.

“The film is a protest piece, an appeal to bring awareness to the financial situation of the sport,” says Price. “It was always my intention to give a voice to the players, rather than coaches, journalists or sport ministers.

“…A big part of this film was always to celebrate the raw talent and that underneath the politics, underneath the decision-making, these guys are still dedicated to the sport.”

Read more about it over at Dazed.

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