Rob Jones, NBA 2K Senior Producer - Hoopsfix Fans Q&A -

Rob Jones, NBA 2K Senior Producer – Hoopsfix Fans Q&A

A little while ago now, we asked for you to send in your questions for Rob Jones, one of the key people behind the production of the world-famous NBA 2K series – finally, we’ve got his answers; check them out below and hopefully they’ll provide some insight – better late than never!

How is this game (apart from the Euroleague inclusion) going to differentiate itself from previous 2Ks? What’s the biggest area of change/improvement? – Russell Sheldrake

Rob Jones (RJ): NBA 2K14 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is different in a variety of ways, starting with the brand new EcoMotion game engine, designed specifically for next gen consoles, which enables the most realistic movement, expressions, emotions and atmosphere of any sports title to date. We have completely reimagined our franchise mode (formerly called The Association) to a new team management mode called MyGM, putting you in shoes of the General Manager, tasked with managing the team, meeting goals set by the owners and taking your team to the Finals. Also, MyPLAYER now is part of the new MyCAREER mode which documents your transition from an undrafted player though a branching storyline aimed for stardom.

I’d be interested to know what part the Euroleague teams will play in a career mode or create a legend mode. Would be good if you could take control of a Euroleague player and try to help them make it to the NBA – Sean Dunworth

RJ:Perhaps one day! However, MyCAREER mode in NBA 2K14 is focused only on NBA teams and players.

Really want to know if they’re any closer to getting Barkley in the game. 93 Suns team needs to be in there – Chris Baker

RJ: Not this year, but never say never! We’ve managed to bring in a number of NBA legends throughout the NBA 2K series, and we’d certainly love to include more players and teams in future versions of the game!

Will they be updating the Euroleague rosters during the season? (so that Dan Clark can be added to Baskonia, for example) -Matt Clear

RJ: We will do our absolute best to keep Euroleague rosters as current as possible.

Was it difficult rating Euro guys when they haven’t played in the NBA to be able to compare – Ben Aker

RJ: There are always challenges when it comes to rating players, but 2K has been working very closely with Euroleague Basketball to ensure the stats for Euroleague teams and players in NBA 2K14 are properly balanced and as true to life as possible, just as we do with NBA teams.

Is there going to be offline version of myteam? And also how does the game benefit offline users? – Philip Asiamah

RJ: There is no offline version of MyTEAM, but players can still enjoy a variety of game modes offline including the all-new MyCAREER and MyGM modes; two big new features for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Will Euro guys ratings change during the season based on performance like with the NBA guys this year? – Ian Berry

RJ: It won’t work exactly the same, because our partnership with NBA and Stats Inc for the NBA players allows us to edit ratings daily via an automated system. For European teams we will have to approach this differently.

Will team up be as good as it was in NBA 2K10 – what are the differences – Ryan Cook

RJ: We feel NBA 2K14 for next gen consoles is one of our finest games ever, and the new modes demonstrate that with the deepest career mode, a new franchise mode, and the most polished on court game play ever.

What are you personally most proud of about this version of the game? – Mason Colbrook

RJ: We are most proud of the new EcoMotion game engine which will be the base for the franchise moving forward on next gen consoles. We feel we have only begun to tap its potential.

Assuming you’ve already started working on NBA 2k15 – what do you think the most exciting developments will be in that version?

RJ: You will have to wait and see!

Are there any big changes with the my player mode for example being able to be endorsed by not only Nike and Jordan? – Sam Patton

RJ: We have added a ton of endorsements into MyCAREER mode (previously MyPLAYER), from local fictional companies to major brands like Sprite, Gatorade, Adidas and more!

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