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‘Eye of the Fan’ Coming to London for Final Four

Fans will get an exclusive behind the scenes view of one of the biggest sporting spectacles in Europe when the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four hits London in a couple of weeks, thanks to the ‘Eye of the Fan’.

Eye of the Fan is one man with a camera strapped to his head and an access all areas pass, who will be offering fans a view of the action through the eyes of a basketball fanatic.

Fans all around the world will have a chance to get involved in the excitement around the big weekend, which will be held in London’s O2 Arena from May 10 – 12, with the ‘Up Team’.

During the Final Four, Eye of the Fan will have a special team that will carry tweets right into the O2 Arena, putting them on banners in the crowd. Up Team need one more member and are looking for you to get involved (free access!); check the video below for more information:

Eye of the Fan will be reaching places where cameras normally can’t or won’t go to offer fans and the media an exclusive behind the scenes view.

The footage will be going live during the event and will be updated constantly on The Eye of the Fan website and @eyeofthefan on Twitter.

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