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Dime Mag’s ‘Shoot Jumpers Not Guns’ T-Shirts

Shoot Jumpers Not Guns T-Shirts Dime Magazine

Shoot Jumpers Not Guns T-Shirts Dime MagazineIn response to a number of shootings across parks in the US, Dime Magazine have released these ‘Shoot Jumpers Not Guns’ tees – not only do they look dope, but have a great message and support a great cause.

Dime Mag has the low down:

“It’s not as if we expect the violence to go away. Not at all. We just want to see improvement, and over the course of this bloody summer, it’s gotten worse. Dime Magazine has always been about celebrating the roots of the game, and because of that, we are committed to ending the violence that has hit our cities, basketball courts and community. Now, here’s your chance to contribute. We’ve released a “Shoot Jumpers. Not Guns” t-shirt, and you can buy it here in regular sizes for $20.

One hundred percent of the profits will go towards refurbishing basketball courts, providing free clinics in urban areas, providing security for existing leagues, and promoting literacy.”

As of yesterday, these tees finally became available for international shipping, so go cop yours now!

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  1. BHirsh

    September 3, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    The double entêndre this logo displays is FABULOUS.

    Not only can it be interpreted to carry the lefty message discouraging gun use, it also can be interpreted, by Imputing the “jumpers” label to gang members, to urge the CORRECT admonition, i.e. shoot criminals, not the ownership of legal guns.

    Well done! (Although I don’t think the “correct” interpretation is QUITE what the creators had in mind….)

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