Kicks: Nike LeBron 9 Low ‘Liverpool’ -

Kicks: Nike LeBron 9 Low ‘Liverpool’

LeBron James Liverpool FC Shoe

Just over a year ago, Miami Heat superstar LeBron James became a minority shareholder in Liverpool FC. The move was the perfect PR move due to Liverpool’s far reaching popularity in the UK and, particularly, Asia.

A year later, the internet is going crazy over these limited edition red ‘Liverpool’ themed LeBron 9’s that have appeared on ebay. Nike has already faced a Liverpool fan backlash due to the inaccurate Liver Bird on the back of the shoe. This is simply because Adidas hold the merchandise rights for Liverpool, meaning Nike can’t directly copy any of the symbols, logos or emblems.

LeBron James Liverpool FC Shoe

The other issue? The shoe’s sole boasts a design of 18 Premier League Trophies, which is actually 18 more than the club has ever won.

Nike LeBron 9 Low Liverpool
Nike’s official word on this:

“At Nike we constantly design products inspired by our athletes and their lives. However, the LeBron shoes that have appeared online were a very preliminary sample that had not been reviewed by our legal team, nor by LeBron himself, and they will not be released for sale with those graphics and markings. Nike is not a sponsor of Liverpool FC.”

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