Freeland To Renew Contract With Malaga? -

Freeland To Renew Contract With Malaga?

Joel Freeland
Great Britain star Joel Freeland will continue to put his potential NBA career on hold after having agreed to a contract extension with Unicaja Malaga, according to reports in Spain.

His new agreement would allegedly start this season and include a €2.7 million buyout clause for any NBA or overseas team.

However, Portland Trailblazers GM Chad Buchanan has warned not to take the reports as gospel. Talking to BlazersEdge he said:

“We talk frequently with his representatives. We’re very well aware where things are at with his extensions talks with Malaga… I know there are discussions but there’s nothing finalized with Joel and Malaga… Just be hesitant on believing everything you read out there… the buyout number is not always reported accurately as well.”

Even if an agreement is reached, regardless of the terms, it would not change Portland’s desire to bring the 25-year old Freeland to Portland next season.

“[An extension] provides him some insurance moving forward. We’re trying to look out for our best interests and he’s trying to look out for his. His contract situation or extension will affect some of our discussions. At the end of the day we’re going to do whatever we can to get him over here. We still want Joel Freeland in Portland next year. That hasn’t changed.”

Freeland is averaging 19.1 points per game in the ACB and is ranked second in the league in index rating. He is currently with Malaga in Barcelona as they prepare for the Copa Del Rey, which features the eight best ranked teams at the halfway point of the regular season. They tip off tonight against Cajasol Banca Cívica.

Do you want to see Freeland stay in Spain, or would you prefer him to make the jump?
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