Barking Abbey Take Kestrel Guards Trophy -

Barking Abbey Take Kestrel Guards Trophy

Barking Abbey Solent Kestrels Pre-Season TournamentBarking Abbey (pictured) were crowned champions of the Kestrel Guards Trophy this weekend after beating host side Solent 82-50 in the final, behind an MVP performance from England U16 Dwayne Orija.

Orija led the under-18 pre-season All-Tournament team, joined by Chris Scarlett (Solent Kestrels), Raoul Mentor (Barking Abbey), Tom Devitt (Manchester Magic) and Lynch (Eanna, Ireland).

In the semi-finals, despite being down by 23 points at half-time, Manchester fought back but couldn’t quite get over the hump, being upset 69-68 by the Solent Kestrels. In the other semi, Barking Abbey got past Bristol 58-50.

Full Results

Day 1
Pool A
Solent beat Reading 59-45
Barking Abbey beat Reading 91-48
Barking Abbey beat Solent 64-59

Pool B
Manchester beat Bristol 93-45
Bristol beat Eanna 60-52
Manchester beat Eanna 87-53

Day 2
Solent beat Eanna (Ireland) 64-62 (quarter final)
Bristol beat Reading 76-50 (quarter final)
Barking Abbey beat Bristol 58-50 (semi final)
Solent beat Manchester 69-68 (semi final)
Barking Abbey beat Solent Kestrels 82-50 (final)


  • Reports from people present at the tournament are saying the Manchester side are going to be a very strong team when Jack Crook comes back from injury.
  • Raoul Mentor had a ridiculous put back dunk on the break (footage hopefully coming soon)
  • Some notable players were missing from the tournament; Tyrell Isaacs (Barking Abbey), Luke Nelson (Reading Rockets) and Jack Crook (Manchester Magic)
  • Shout out to Kestrel Guards for sponsoring the tournament and Bigfoot basketball for providing t-shirts.

Image Credit: Gary Bryan


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