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England U16 Men’s Roster Named For Tournament

Mo Soluade England Basketball
England U16’s Head Coach Simon Fisher has named his 12 man roster for the Belgium tournament that they will be taking part in over the Christmas break, aptly named ‘X-mas Tournament’.

The roster is as follows;

Luke Attfield (Bognor Royals)
Nicholas Bohling (Gravelines, France)
Oliver Hannam (Leeds Tigers)
Brandon Hitchman (City of Birmingham)
Tyrell Isaacs (Westminster Warriors)
Cameron McKay (Cheshire Jets)
Luke Nelson (Worthing Thunder)
Dwayne Orija (Westminster Warriors)
Jonathan Orells (Taunton Tigers)
Sam Round (Northants)
Elliot Spence (Brentwood Fire)
Mo Soluade (Bucks Hornets)

What do you think? Agree with the 12 man roster? Anyone you’d like to see in there who you feel has been overlooked? Drop a comment and let us know! (bare in mind, some players weren’t available/injured)


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