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A Sincere Apology…

Epic Fail

So yeah, the Hoopsfix live stream was an EPIC FAIL

So I messed up on the live stream of GB vs Canada yesterday-that’s my bad. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place on deciding whether to promote it earlier during the day without having actually been at the sports centre testing everything out. I could have chosen not to promote it and risk no-one would bother tuning in if it did work, or I could have done what I chose to do and promote it hard with the risk I may not pull it off, which is what happened!

My heart sank when half an hour before the game I realised the school’s wifi network blocks Ustream. As it was the evening, the IT department were all out of the office and so there was no way around it. I looked at other streaming sites, and proxy servers but every one of them was blocked! A big epic FAIL!

Anyway, I have been in touch with school’s IT man and the plan is for it all to be ready to go for tomorrow night’s game against Finland. I’m not going to promote it though (just in case it flops AGAIN!), so best bet is to check back on Hoopsfix during the day and once I have the all clear (I’m going to be there testing it in the morning) I will announce it on here and put up the link.

Fingers crossed. Sincere apologies to all those that went to tune in last night and couldn’t get the stream, not living up to your word isn’t a good look. My bad.


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